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Termites may think of your home as a fast food restaurant. They don’t necessary live in a building. . .they just come in, pick up something woody for dinner and carry it back to the family. Every year termite appetites cause $2 billion in damage to buildings in the U.S.
Even if you own a newer home, termites sometimes prefer new wood — so you’re not exempt from this damaging pest. 
Signs of termites include:
  • Tunnels of dirt leading up a basement wall to wood beams
  • Swarm of flying insects resembling winged ants
  • Visible wood damage

What’s the difference between an ant and a termite?

If you see winged ant-like insects around your property, you must know if they are ants or subterranean termites. If they are swarming termites, there is an established colony nearby looking for new nesting areas. . .and that means your home is in danger.
In a termite colony, each individual has its own job. There are Workers, Soldiers and the Queen. Each looks distinctly different.
how to kill termites with ridall pest control
We handle termites with the patented Sentricon system where we place baiting stations outdoors between the termite colony and your home or business. These materials offer extremely low risks to humans, pets and the environment.
Here’s how it works!
  1. Sentricon stations with ESP are placed in the soil around your home.
  2. The stations are checked regularly & scanned electronically for termite activity. 
  3. As termites are found, the monitoring device is removed from the bait station. 
  4. The termites are collected from the monitoring device. 
  5. Captured termites are transferred to a bait tube and returned to the station. 
  6. The trapped termites eat through the bait, tunnel out and signal other termites back to the station.

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